Upper Shillong

Awesome Tea.

MEG Black Tea USF

This Black tea was picked from Upper Shillong Farm, in Meghalaya. It has a fruity flavour, with its heritage bushes, produces some of the crispest tasting teas every season. The taste is mellower than usual, tipped with flavors that are familiar, fresh, and nuanced. Perfect for a light-hearted sip


Best Organic Tea

Our blend combines smooth, rich, and malty taste. Perfect for those who enjoy a bold cup any time of day.


Made with Experience

MegTeaTM USF is made and grown organically in Upper Shillong Farm, it is our utmost pride that we share this with you. Taking care of how we grow including the weather and the humidity of our region, we grow our brand of tea with care and affection. Even the fertilizers is made from the compost and the fertilizers are wholly organic making the soil rich and fertile as to not alter the unique taste the MEGTEA™ has. Making it wholly Organic..

Taking care of how we picked our tea. Each and very strand of tea leaf has been carefully selected for each brand, if it is Green, Black or White or even our Oolong Tea which has a great aroma and taste. Each of our selection in tea harvesting has been carried out to fit each brand in their nature and taste as the tea leaves goes through a series of inspection and scrutiny to make our tea one of the best in its class.

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